LIBERIA: Govt Appeals To The World To Relax Isolation

The Government of Liberia is calling on ordinary citizens and non-governmental actors worldwide not to put their respective governments under undue pressure by instituting measures that could undermine the UN Security Council Resolution 2177.
The UN Security Council, in its unanimous Resolution 2177 adapted on September 18, 2014 expressed concern about the detrimental effect of the isolation of  affected countries as a result of trade and travel restrictions imposed on countries affected by the Ebola Virus.
Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, who read a statement on behalf of government Wednesday at the Ministry of Information daily Ebola press conference said, “Blanket visa” suspensions and other extremely harsh actions do not necessarily isolate Ebola; but rather isolate countries affected by Ebola.
He noted that such act also runs contrary to World Health Organization (WHO) and International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) advice which hints that such undertakings do not only undermine the ability of affected countries to effectively and expeditiously fight the disease but also compound the long-term socio-economic impacts of the Ebola crisis.
The resolution also called on member states, including those of the affected region to lift general travel and border restrictions imposed because of the Ebola outbreak which contribute to the further isolation of affected countries.

Ngafuan also urged leaders of the world, heads of state, governments and parliamentarians to work in the interest of common humanity by instituting measures that achieve the double objective of protecting their own citizens while assisting countries battling with Ebola to quickly contain the disease.
“We hail the many countries, big or small, that have rendered exemplary assistance and empathy to Liberia since the outset of the Ebola epidemic in March of this year. These countries deserve “remarkable” credit for the progress we are beginning to register in our fight against Ebola,” Ngafuan asserted.

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