Over 300 West Africans Are Being Monitored For The Deadly Ebola Virus In The U.S. – From James Momoh

Over three hundred West Africans that recently entered the United States from Ebola infected countries have being subjected to daily monitoring by the Center for Disease Control.

According to sources at the CDC, the monitoring exercise is intended to ensure that individuals entering the United States from countries ravaged by the Ebola virus are not entering the United States as a route of spreading the virus or infection from their countries of origin. Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa over five thousand persons have died according to a World Health Organization statistics.

According to sources at the Center for Disease Control that spoke to our correspondent in the United States, prior to the monitoring of individuals from their homes, West Africans entering the United States from Ebola infected countries go through a health assessment at the various ports of entry.

“If it is required that further assessment be done, arrivals are driven to hospitals for a comprehensive health evaluation, if found negative of the virus they are allow to go home but subjected to supervision by the center for disease control.”

 According to CDC sources, while under monitoring, they are mandated to report to the nearest hospitals any symptoms that are associated with the Ebola virus for further evaluation for an immediate protocol implementation if the persons proved to be positive of the virus while under monitoring.

The CDC sources further told our correspondent that the monitoring exercise and the health evaluation at the ports of entry is not designed for only Africans but all individuals that are entering the United States from Ebola ravaged countries. “The safety of our citizens is our responsibility”.

Upon arrival in the United States recently, an American nurse who was volunteering treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, was quarantine for several days even though her test proves negative of the Ebola virus.

When some Liberians who are also being monitor by the CDC since their returned from Liberia were contacted, they told our correspondent that they are required to check their temperature daily and to also report any symptoms of pain and unexplained diarrhea. “Ebola has changed our way of life in America,” a female Liberian told our reporter during a visit to her new jersey home’ While others complained that they are now look at differently at their places of work and school due to the devastating effect of the virus in Liberia.                   

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