LIBERIA: To Drastically Deals With Country Health Problem, Pervocate To Import More Pressure Monitors

The management of pervocate, a diabetes testing and awareness center in Liberia has announced that a consignment of Blood Pressure monitors is expected to arrive in the Country shortly.

Ms. Agnes Johnson made the disclosure during a news conference held recently in Monrovia at her front street offices in Monrovia. The administrative manager of the center further said the importation of the technology in the country is in fulfillment of her management commitment to the people of Liberia in addressing their health needs.

She said these modern blood pressure monitors will alert those using the technology if they are developing high blood pressure (pre-hypertensive) or are   (hypertensive) or suffering from high blood pressure.

Ms. Johnson further explained during the press conference that the device which is tended to be used around the wrist is mostly visible in hospitals and homes and proven to be a life saver for people with hypertension if properly used as directed.

She said the wrist blood pressure is extremely sensitive, noting, ‘To get an accurate reading when taking your blood pressure with the wrist monitors your arm and wrist must be at heart level’.

She said hypertension or high blood pressure is a medical condition that requires routine monitoring and the arrival of the technology in the Country is intended to give people the opportunity to monitor their blood pressure from home and not the traditional hospital environment and to reduce the risk of people suffering from stroke or heart attacked.  

According to Ms. Johnson about 7.5 million people globally have died from hypertension while about 60 million are living with uncontrolled hypertension both in men and women. She said the monitor is not intended to treat hypertension but only to alert people who are developing the condition or unknowingly suffering from the medical condition. She said hypertension is manageable by life style changes, medication and routine monitoring.

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