LIBERIA: 19 Released From Quarantine In Cape Mount, As ELWA Ready To Discharge 15 Ebola Survivors

The Chairman of the Grand Cape Mount County Ebola Task Force, Imam Mohammed A. Paasewe, has disclosed that the 19 Ebola suspects quarantined in Jenewonde Town in Tewor District have been released.

Imam Paasewe, who is also Superintendent of Grand Cape Mount County, said those released were placed under quarantine for allegedly coming in direct contact with an Ebola patient following an Ebola outbreak in their town.

Paasewe, who made the disclosure at a press conference in Garwula District, Grand Cape Mount County recently, thanked the 19 persons for observing the 21 days isolation period prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

He urged citizens of the county to respect the quarantine measures to avoid the further spread of the Ebola virus, noting, “It is about time for the citizens to do away with vices that will undermine the fight against Ebola in the county."

In a related Development, health authorities at the ELWA Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) II have disclosed that 15 Ebola survivors will be released its facilities on Tuesday.

Dr Jerry Brown, who heads the ETU, told the Liberian News Agency that all 15 patients have being confirmed free of the hemorrhagic virus and are set to reunite with friends and families Tuesday afternoon.

ELWA Treatment Unit-2 transitioned into an ETU after it was earlier established as a holding unit on March 8to provide support to suspected Ebola victims during the second wave of the country’s health emergency.

It subsequently rose to prominence after a team of doctors led by Dr. Brown with support from the Liberian Government treated the first Ebola case at the six-bed facility on June 12.

Currently, the ETU has a total of 50 beds and has since been instrumental in the country’s quest to defeat the Ebola virus as it has held several discharge ceremonies where survivors have personally testified to the diligence effort of Dr. Brown and his team of doctors.

Dr. Brown, who earlier spoke at the Ministry of Information daily Ebola news conference, disclosed that for the past one week the number of patients coming into the ETU has reduced.

He said that the ETU is now receiving two to three patients as compared to the regular 10 per day experienced during the earlier stages of the country’s outbreak, de3scribing this as “a remarkable boost to the country’s health crisis.”

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