Diplomat Describes Ebola Global Thread – calls on Liberians to be steadfast in the Ebola Fight

A prominent Liberian diplomat, Mr. William Deiyan Towah has called on Liberians to be steadfast in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus. Mr. Towah who was speaking to journalists from his duty post at the West African Health Organization (WAHO) of ECOWAS challenged fellow Liberians to be united in the fight against what he described as a common enemy. The renowned diplomat also admonished his fellow countrymen to strictly adhere to rules and instructions from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and partners organizations about the virus and burials for Ebola-related deaths.

Mr. Towah expressed his sympathy to victims and families who lost dear lives to the deadly virus while commending the health workers for the sacrifices that they are making risking their lives to save lives of others affected by the virus. "The outstanding sacrifices of our health personnel to safe human lives at their own expense have been extraordinary in our nation's history and it is just appropriate for all of us to appreciate their selfless efforts. I wish to also share empathy with the affected victims, families and the communities distraught by this national crisis" Mr. Towah stated.

The Liberian scholar who described the Ebola outbreak as a threat to global security that requires unprecedented measures to have it contained asked Liberians to be united at this critical period to fight the spread.  "Ebola is our common enemy and in facing its terror on our very existence must bring us together as one nation, one people, and with one destiny. This is the time to show true love to ourselves, families, our people and our nation by adhering strictly to necessary rules and instructions given by the Government and Liberia’s partners to control the spread and total eradication of the Ebola epidemic. For it is in this way; early reporting of suspected cases, minimizing contacts and others that Liberia may come out of the scourge of this humanitarian crisis of escalating consequences" he stated.

Mr. William Towah also made clarion calls to Liberians to remain resolute and work with all good friends of the country to reinforce and strengthen existing capabilities to fight against this common enemy. "The fight against Ebola is not only Liberia's problem, it is a global crisis considering its devastating impact on human lives, the economy and the threat to food security that looms if not carefully controlled. We must therefore be more responsive to all the support and assistance of our government and the international community so as to contain the spread" the statement read.

Mr. William Towah further added his voice to the appeal for international assistance at both more robust international support and action to prevent the virus from spreading exponentially. He urged international partners to treat Liberia as "an unconditional emergency need" in its global agenda to fight the spread.

"Looking further the international community must not lose sight of the economic ramifications that the outbreak of Ebola has already cost Liberia and it is only appropriate the US, United Nations and other development partners consider contingency plans to address economic issues some of which could be food security in the aftermath of the crisis.

According to Mr. Towah, the outbreak of Ebola has brought on blind side opportunities for Liberia to respond to the overwhelming challenges brought on the health system to take measures to protect future generations of adequate public health services to prevent, detect, early respond to and mitigate outbreaks of major epidemics and infectious diseases through sustainable, well-functioning and responsive public health mechanisms.

Commenting on Liberia's isolation, Hon. Towah called on sister countries not to ostracize Liberians at this time of social, economic and humanitarian need. He also urged airlines to reconsider suspension of flights to the country to enhance the flow of international support into the country.

Prior to taking up assignment with ECOWAS, Hon. William Deiyan Towah served the Liberian Government as Managing Director of the National Housing Authority and Unit Director for Aid Management at the Ministry of Finance, among others. He was also a lecturer and Coordinator of Strategic Management at the University of Liberia. The Liberian diplomat is a PhD Fellow in Public Policy and Administration at Walden University in the US.

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