Former Lady and 89 pro-Gbagbo to be trialed in Ivory Coast NGO welcomes decision

Written by: Benjamin B. Tegbeh
Abidjan – Defenders of Human Rights have welcomed the announced opening of the trial of former Ivorian First Lady Simone Gbagbo Ehivet and 88 others close to Laurent Gbagbo, implicated in the post-election crisis that officially killed more than 3,000 people from December 2010 to April 2011 .

In a statement obtained on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 the non-governmental organization Actions for the Promotion of Human Rights welcomes the initiative of the Ivorian judicial authorities to empty finally  litigation crisis post-election after nearly four years in custody

 However, the NGO’s statement notes that the jury composition does not reflect the ethnic diversity of the Ivory Coast with regard to the list published Monday that would have meant avoiding suspicions, harmful to trial as sensitive as the post-election crisis in Côte d'Ivoire which was deeply marked by a split between the different ethnic groups due to the serious crisis highlights the statement signed by President Abraham Denis Yauroba called on the jury about what he considers as ‘the heavy responsibility that they bear on the outcome of the trial’’.

Mr. Yauroba also reminded them their ethical and moral obligations to vote in these trials on fair basis, credible, transparent, continues the text denounces no personality those accused of serious crimes, close to the regime in power has not been bothered nationally and internationally.

In this regard, the non-governmental human rights invites the judiciary to engage without delay prosecutions against these perpetrators and reiterated its commitment to the universal principles of fair trial the statement concluded.

Monday, the start of the trial of 89 pro -Gbagbo which was marked by the selection of nine jurors, Bene Coulyabaly, Ms. Haja Coulibaly, Innocent Bologo, Mrs. Carlton Coulibaly, Awa Kone , Ms. Traoré Atsa born,  Zeze Sekou Sow, Mamadou Traoré , Maes Augustus.

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