LIBERIA: Pres. Sirleaf Vows To Respect Rights, People’s Attitudes, Tolerance

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has renewed her vow to continue to respect the rights of others and maintain her characteristics of tolerance and understanding of people’s attitudes.

She promised to remain engaged with all those who mean well for the country, noting that no amount of disrespect to the presidency will deter her from performing her constitutional duties.

“You can be assured that whatever we do, we do it for the good of this country and my own tolerance, understanding, and respect for the rights of others will never change,” she emphasized, according to an Executive Mansion press release.

According to the release, the Liberian leader made the assertion at the end of a prayer service for the country at the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center on Tubman Boulevard on Friday, October 10.

The service was the seventh edition of a national tarry organized by the Church of Liberia and held at the Dominium Christian Fellowship Center of the Isaac Winker Global Ministry.

The Liberia leader said despite the seriousness of the Ebola fight, there were still some elements of the Liberian society playing politics with the situation.

President Sirleaf assured the congregation that with her engagement with partners, there is now enormous international support coming to Liberia and that if Liberians unite in the fight, they will soon reverse the situation.

She admonished all Liberians to continue to pray and at the same time observe all the anti-Ebola measures as outlined by health authorities and experts.

“We have to follow their advice because we want to make sure that we kick this disease out of our country, region and the world which is concerned that it’s beginning to also affect them,” President Sirleaf said.

The Liberian leader’s comments were in response to a sermon delivered by Bishop Isaac Winker in which he spoke of total disrespect to the presidency, especially by the young people of Liberia.

Bishop Winker said young Liberians were now using the various radio talk shows to abuse free speech and called on them to have a change in attitude.

“If you wish to be a national leader tomorrow, it’s time now that you gain respect from the people by equally addressing the presidency and other national leaders with respect and dignity,” Bishop Winker told the young people.

Bishop Winker, during the sermon, delivered a special prayer for Liberia against those he said are bent on preaching war in the country as God has and will always destroy their plan.War mongers,” the Bishop said, “are destined for self-destruction as the church will continue to pray and thank God for the ten years of uninterrupted peace that the country recently celebrated since its return to the rule of law through Presidential and Legislative elections in 2005 that brought President Sirleaf to power"

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