LIBERIA: Health Minister Appeals To Workers to Avoid Strike

Health Minister Walter Gwenigale has appealed to health workers across the country to avoid strike actions and continue to work to save the lives of Liberians.

He said government will continue to do all it can to provide appropriate benefits for health workers who are taking the risk to continue working in Ebola treatment units and hospitals in an effort to buttress government's efforts to halt the Ebola disease.

The Minister made the appeal Monday at the daily Ebola press briefing at the Ministry of Information daily Ebola press conference.

“We cannot attach a price tag to the level of work being done by health practitioners, but what we can do is to provide reasonable benefits that will show appreciation and as well motivate health workers to continue to help save the lives of their fellow countrymen,” the minister said.  

He observed that it is against the medical oath to abandon sick people, and as such health practitioners must seek an alternative way of putting forth their grievances.

“The funds to pay benefits for health workers are available and they are now being paid, we want every health worker to be patient with government by regularly attending to the sick, it is a violation of medical ethics to abandon patients,” Gwenigale noted.  

The minister pointed out that strike actions will not only lead to the death of more Liberians, but will also undermine the significant gains that the country has already made in combating the deadly virus.

Report By Liberia News Agency

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