Liberian Movie Star, Van Vicker Denies Report That He Has Contracted The Deadly Ebola Virus

Van Vicker, one of Liberia's Ghana based movie stars who was recently in Liberia on a business trip, and returned to Ghana has publicly denied media  report that he contracted Ebola while in his home Country.

Speaking to reporters this week in the Ghanaian Capital Accra, the Liberian born said the information is false and misleading, and revealed that such reports has traumatized his wife and kids because they have been getting calls from friends for confirmation of whether he actually has Ebola or not.

As a result of this, Vicker is appealing to all his fans to completely disregard the malice created b y detractors, and has also shared his heartfelt condolence to those infected with the virus especially in Liberia, noting that he is actively working with the United Nations (UN) on the Ebola Response Project and will increase the level of his participation to help eradicate the virus.

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