Child with flu-like symptoms being tested for Ebola in Miami

MIAMI BEACH, – A child visiting South Florida from West Africa has flu-like symptoms, and has been admitted to the hospital.

Rescue crews were taking extra precaution with the patient in case it turns out to be the Ebola virus. The crews donned hazmat suits.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine said the city has a protocol and is prepared.

“The abundance of precaution we have our fire department, our police department and our emergency operations center just to make sure this is nothing more than what the health department feels it is, which is highly likely based on what they tell us to be nothing more than a flu. And they are doing testing. And as soon as they get the results of that testing I'm sure everybody will know what those results are. At this point there is clearly no concern. We've taken all the necessary precautions. We have quite a protocol on Miami Beach,” Levine said.

As the mayor said, the child is being screened for Ebola.

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