The African-German Female Boxer became the new junior welterweight European Champion!!!

According to a dispatch from Frankfurt, Germany,the popular African-German base female boxer Bintou Yawa Schmill (30) a.ka the Voice beat a serbean female boxer Championess Mirjana Vujic on K.O on the third round.

Bintou Schmill is undefeated. She already ringed as professional Boxer 9 times, with an incredible record of 9 Wins and 8 K.O.s .The recent fight on 26th of september 2014 was in the city hall in Saalbau Frankfurt-Nied, where she won the title by knockout in the third round. These put her at the center of media’s attention worldwide. It was her highly publicized fight the world watched .On this very day she became the new European junior welterweight champion to own the belt awarded by IBF.

Bintou Schmill is common know as „The Voice“ or the lioness that breaks here and there, you better stay away from her during the ring. “ I determine to set a record on every corner“ she insists! All these comes from her hardworking and rigorous training. The strength, quick fist and her notable defensive abilities, always intimidate her opponents!.

Any brave hearted out there to sponsor and make a name with Bintou? Bintou needs you to make it happen… a man is a man because of another man –UBUNTU

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