Denial Of Ebola Virus Overwhelm Residents Of Western Liberia, Death Rate On The Increase

“Denial of this deadly disease by residents of Bomi and nearby counties has given rise to the increased numbers of deaths; the constant refusal by our citizens to recognize that this disease, Ebola is real, deadly and dangerous it is causing the loss of lives daily,” words of Borma Q. Sando, Chairperson of the Bomi County Civil Society Organization who questioned his fellow citizens on their denial of this deadly disease.   

Speaking in tears, Sando lamented that residents of Bomi County predominately of the muslin religion are paying less attention to awareness messages being sent out by health and rights groups on the danger of the Ebola virus thou resulting the countless number of deaths in the County.

The rights advocate made the assertion Saturday, September 20, 2014 in Tubmanburg City, Bomi County when Plan International Liberia branch presented huge consignment of Ebola preventive materials to the County health team, and noted that if this continue to be the habit of the people of Bomi and other nearby counties, Ebola in his own words, “Will eat us up all”.

“Due to the refusal of our citizens to recognize that this disease is real and deadly, we just buried one of the nurses from the hospital who died from helping our people…..this is because our people continue to argue that there is nothing call Ebola,” the rights advocate told dozens of residents, County officials and humanitarian workers including experts from the World Health Organization and United Nations Mission to Liberia who were the program.

The denial of this deadly disease by Liberians and other foreign residents is given rise to multiplication of countless number of deaths in Liberia.

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