Liberian Leader Lauds U.S. Government For Its Military Assistance In Fighting the Ebola Virus

The Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lauded the Government and people of the United States of America for its assistance to Liberia, with the latest coming from the U.S. Military.

In a special statement delivered today, President Sirleaf said, “The announcement yesterday by the United State Government of direct military assistance is a significant moment in the battle against Ebola.

Our two countries maintain a historic friendship. Liberia looks forward to working closely with the United States I finalizing these plans and deploying new resources to their maximum effects

We hope this decision by the United States will spur the rest of the international community into action. Our American partners realize Liberia cannot defeat Ebola alone. This disease is not simply a Liberian or West Africa problem. The entire community of nations has a stake in this crisis.

The people of Liberia have suffered greatly since this disease took hold. But we are a strong and resilient people. As their President, I will not rest until we defeat Ebola.
To Liberians my message is simply-we are fighting back”

The Liberian leader statement concluded.

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