Ambassador Martinez Donates Drugs to Aid Ebola Fight

Friends of Liberia in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean, led by Ambassador Raphael Martinez has donated an assortment of drugs to Liberia, to assist with the fight of the Ebola Virus.

Making the donation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Liberia’s former Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Ambassador Wesley Momo Johnson, now the Chief Executive Officer of Access Liberia Incorporated, a Liberian-owned consultant firm, said the drugs represent a form of treatment that is effective for viral infection in immune-competent and immune-compromised patients with Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers such as Ebola.

The release went on to say that with the prescribed dosage, the treatment best application and result is as a preventative measure that acts as an antigen without inducing the disease, thereby, providing an immunity prior to exposure to Ebola.

The press release further noted that the treatment works as an antiviral that inhibits the process of the viral messenger RNA granulation, and further inhibits the activity of RNA and DNA polymerase in the Ebola virus.

Accepting the donation of drugs on behalf of the Government of Liberia, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Sylvester Grisby,  thanked Ambassador Johnson for the assistance to Liberia and asked him to convey to Ambassador Raphael Martinez and the Friends of Liberia in the Caribbean, that the Liberian people are extremely grateful for the donation, which has come at a critical time, when the country and its people are grappling with the Ebola Virus which is ravaging the lives of hundreds of our people.

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