Liberia Country Context – By Max Willie

Liberia is a state collapse. The country is weighed down by an unresponsive government system, drowned in corruption, aggravated by cronyism and abuse of power; social injustices are pervasive, basic services are lacking or scarce, huge unemployment is rising on a periodic basis, a credible health delivery system is non-existent.

The education system is swamped by government neglect. The Government is good-for-nothing as much as it is incapable to meet the many challenges and contradictions dogging the nation.

The country is slipping into vacancy day by day; members of the government are abandoning office and responsibility and are fleeing the country to foreign parts. The economy is on a down-ward trend, while poverty level is rising astronomically.

Nearly 70 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, of which 1.3 million are deprived and live in extreme poverty. The President has lost focus; the country itself is evidently becoming ungovernable. The population is expressing a quiet vote of no confidence in the government. A national revolt against the government is seemly eminent.

The EBOLA pandemic has created an enormous health crisis unprecedented in our national history. And the government’s response to it is feckless. Hundreds of children, women and the elderly are hopeless and are dying daily from the deadly disease.

There’s no arguing that the Johnson-Sirleaf government has breached its contract with the people, such bond reached at her election to shelter the people’s well-being, economic, social, political or otherwise, and sustain their happiness and security. The government has failed above and beyond all measures to fulfill this obligation. Fear and anxiety has gripped the nation, and before long the country could slip into a fierce civil uprising. This is an objective truth that cannot be contradicted.

In the face of this, there are clarion calls heard across Liberia and communities of Liberians in the Diaspora for a rigid revision of the current political scheme, and for the expulsion from office of the President and her officials. In other words, the present government must step down or else the people could cause its removal from power.

The state of affairs in Liberia under the current administration has profoundly captured the attention of Liberian nationals in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere. The overwhelming aspiration of these Liberians, including those residing in Liberia is to change the governing personnel; the President and her officials all counted. The general idea is for a ‘shadow governing body’ to replace the current administration, wipe out the excesses of misrule, and put Liberia on the path of a truly responsive, civilized governing system.

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