Hundreds Of Liberians Stand The Risk Of Deportation From U.S. And Canada – By James Momoh In Washington, DC USA

PHOTO CAPTION – Liberian Ambassador To United States Addressing Liberians:

Over hundreds of Liberians who are said to be languishing in U.S. and Canada prison stand the risk of been deported to Liberia for various crimes committed.

According to our Correspondent, this disclosure was made in Washington DC by Liberia Ambassador accredited to the United States Jeremiah C. Sulunteh during a congressional hearing.

The hearing brought together a cross section of Liberians in the diaspora and some members of the United States congress to discuss the current Ebola crises and the immigration status of Liberians on the Deferred Enforcement Deportation (DED) which expires in September of this year.
The Liberian envoy told attendees at the congressional hearing on the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and the immigration status of Liberians on the Deferred Enforcement Deportation that about fifty Liberians that have committed different offenses and currently incarcerated in Canada are expected to be deported from the United States to Liberia.

The Liberian Envoy further stressed, ‘This brings the total number of Liberians to 114 that are listed for deportation from Canada and the United States.’The Liberian envoy indicated.

He said with the current health crises in his home country, Liberia, the Liberian government through its representation in both Canada and the United States are working with immigration authorities to delay the deportation proceedings adding that the deportation proceedings if executed will be a burden on the government and people of Liberia at this critical time in the history of Liberia.

He disclosed that the government of Liberia was seeking an alternative to the deportation proceeding by appealing to the governments of the United States and Canada to engage the Liberians listed for deportation into rehabilitation programs that will make them productive citizens instead of deporting them to Liberia.

When immigration authorities were contacted in both Canada and the United States they acknowledged the presence of the Liberians in prison in both countries but indicated that their role as law enforcers was to arrest and turn over individuals that violates state law to the court system and if found guilty they served their prison term and later deported to their country of origin.  

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