China Donates 2,000 PPEs To Liberian Immigration Bureau

The Chinese Government has donated more than 2,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Bureau of Immigration and Nationalization (BIN) to protect its officers against the Ebola virus.

According to the Commissioner of BIN, Lemuel A. Reeves, the bureau received the equipment from the Chinese Government, through its embassy over the weekend.

Turning over the PPEs to the Deputy Commissioner of Immigration for Operations, Robert Gboyee, Commissioner Reeves instructed that the PPEs be given to personnel of the bureau deployed at strategic checkpoints around the country.

He said the PPEs will enhance the work of the officers and also help build their confidence to inspect people moving from one county to another as well as people entering the country.

Reeves disclosed that the bureau has received more than 30 motorbikes from central Government to beef up its operations.

He added that the bureau has been given communication devices to ensure communication among BIN personnel deployed across the country to enhance their operations.

Commissioner Reeves pointed out that the bureau has been striving to ensure that its officers are protected from Ebola virus by having the appropriate equipment and heeding preventive measures.

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