Commuters Complain Of Alleged Harassment By AFL Soldiers Deployed In Southeastern Liberia

“We are constantly harassed by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) on the Grand Gedeh and Nimba highway every time we make a move to travel from our respective locations. Most times cash and other valuables are forcibly taken away under the guise of protecting us from Ebola,” a victim who just arrived in Monrovia from Grand Gedeh County told the GNN in tears.

According to Mary Teah, a businesswoman from Monrovia who usually travel to the hinterland in a bid to purchase foodstuff accused deployed soldiers on the highway of harassing people plying the highway of Grand Gedeh and Nimba counties , noting, “This thing is serious, can you imagine people who suppose to safe guard us in that part of the country are treating us like animals,” madam Teah in a rather furious  state of mind said.

Effort by the GNN to have a word from both the Ministry of National Defense and Information proved fruitless as both lines rang endlessly. Our investigation continues

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