Plan International Liberia Joins Ebola Fight, Donates Three Used Vehicles, Hundreds of Items Valued At $84,000.00

Plan International Liberia on Monday, September 8, 2014, made its presence felt at the Liberian  Ministry of Health when hundreds of relief items including three vehicles (One Pickup and two jeeps) valued $84,000.00  were presented to the Ebola Task Force as its contribution towards the fight of this deadly disease.

Making this huge donation to the Task Force through the Ministry of Health, the Country Director of Plan Liberia, Oumarou Koala named the items to the Task Force as three used vehicles with 1,500 gallons of fuel based on 100 km a for four months for each of the vehicle, and said they are to be given to three counties, Bomi, Lofa and Montserrado Counties.

Other items presented also included 50 hospital mattresses, 855kg of chlorine, 188 buckets with faucets, 188 bottles of 1 gallon of chlora , and 188 hand sanitizer.

Mr. Koala during his brief remarks noted that since the first episode of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia early April  of 2014, his organization has been working with the  Ministry of Health and its decentralized entity in Lofa County to holistically help in the fight of this disease.

Stressing, “We made  various  contributions including awareness raising on Ebola through community radio stations in Lofa County, megaphones donation, posters and brochures printing, hand washing facilities distribution in schools, health workers and volunteers training in the county including support for communication and logistic in Lofa County,” the Plan Liberia boss told the Ministry of Health official at the presentation.

He also said due to the current situation of the second outbreak of the disease, and its fast spreading in the Country, Plan Liberia has reinforced its response and support, adding, “W have extended the Ebola response program to Bomi and Montserrado Counties in addition to Lofa County and scaled up our intervention including logistic to the social mobilization which was the key area of our intervention for so far,” he asserted.

For his part, the proxy of the Minister of Health, Matthew Flomo; Deputy Minister for Administration, thanked Plan Liberia for its  generous contribution towards the Ebola fight, and highlighted this NGO selfless role in the growth and development of  Liberia.

Minister Flomo also promised that the items presented by Plan International Liberia will be used for its intended purpose.


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