Liberian Ports Doing Normal Business Despite Ebola Outbreak Says Deputy Managing Director

Normal activities are still ongoing at the National Port Authority (NPA) and other ports in the country despite the Ebola outbreak, an official of the NPA has said.

Deputy Managing Director for Administration, Yekeh Forkpah, said an average of 33 vessels docked at the Free Port of Monrovia monthly prior to the outbreak of the Ebola virus, saying this number of vessels still docks at the port.  

Speaking at the Ministry of Information daily press briefing held in the Charles Gbeyon Conference Hall on Tuesday, Forkpah said 13 vessels are expected at the Free Port of Monrovia within the next 10-14 days, as the managements of those vessels have sent prior notice to the NPA in keeping with international maritime best practice.

He said the vessels expected to arrive include container, vehicle, cargo, rice and equipment vessels.

He emphasized that there have been zero cancelation and zero drop in vessel traffic at all ports in the country, attributing this to the robust Ebola prevention measures put in place by the management of the Free Port.

Forkpah named the decongestion of its staff, mandatory temperature tests, formulation of an emergency response team and setting up of a care center, as some of the key measures put in place by the port management.

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