U.S. Disease Control Recommends That U.S. Residents Avoid Nonessential Travel To Liberia, But Encourages Airlines To Continue Flights

According its website, the Center for Disease Control recommends that US residents avoid nonessential travel to Liberia. If you must travel, such as for humanitarian aid work in response to the outbreak, protect yourself by following CDC’s advice for avoiding contact with the blood and body fluids of people who are ill with Ebola.

This recommendation to avoid nonessential travel is intended to help control the outbreak and prevent continued spread in two ways: to protect US residents who may be planning travel to the affected areas, and to enable the Liberian government to respond most effectively to contain this outbreak. CDC is committed to the multinational effort to help Liberia in controlling the outbreak and is scaling up its response activities by, among other things, deploying additional staff to the affected countries. Substantial international humanitarian assistance is required, and CDC encourages airlines to continue flights to and from the region to facilitate transport of teams and supplies essential to control the outbreak.

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