LIBERIA: Pervocate Manager Says Entity Is Back To Provide Professional Health Services

The Administrative Manager of Pervocate, a diabetes testing and awareness center in Liberia   has announced the resumption of activities at its Front Street Offices.  Speaking to reporters in Monrovia over the Weekend, Ms. Agnes Johnson said the center decided to slow its activities due to the Ebola virus in the country and reopening it doors is to reassure diabetes sufferers that the center is concerned about their diabetes testing and awareness needs.  

Ms. Johnson told reporters that while Liberians are concerned about the current Ebola epidemic in the country, diabetes sufferers must also make sure that their sugar content is tested at all times to know the status of their sugar level. She said with the current Ebola scare  the complications of diabetes has the potential of becoming associated with Ebola if people suffering from diabetes are not tested to know the ups and downs of their sugar level.  

She said the current Ebola epidemic in the country must be a warning to Liberians to prioritize their health needs and to work with health professionals on infection control and prevention.  She said at the diabetes testing and awareness center they will be enforcing infection control and prevention at all times to visitors at the center.  

She disclosed that since the establishment of the center in Liberia a database of individuals that are currently suffering from diabetes is alarming ‘Some people that benefited from our free testing initiatives did not know that they were suffering from the condition until they were tested at the center’ Ms. Johnson told reporters that diabetes has become a global health condition that  is manageable and preventable if individuals are tested to know the level of glucose content and making  life style changes.  

Commenting on the number of people that benefitted from the center, Ms. Johnson told reporters that over four hundred residents of Monrovia and its environs benefitted from the center free diabetes testing and awareness initiatives including the people of  Kakata and Buchanan.  She urged Liberians to visit the center and get their testing meters ‘With the testing meter at home or office you can better monitor your glucose and divert the potential of life threating diabetes complications.

Expanding on the need for expanding the activities of the center to other parts of the country, Ms. Johnson indicated that the goal of the center is to make diabetes testing and awareness affordable and accessible to every.

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