LIBERIA: As WHO Predicts 20,000 More Ebola Victims, frightened Liberians Say Report Scaring

Dozens of Liberians who spoke to our reporter this week have expressed sadness of the state of their future and the unborn due the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus which has deliberately refused to leave the face of the West African Countries, with Liberia taken the lead in the death roll call.

The Liberians in their numbers, many of whom were uncertain of the gravity of the danger of this disease have openly confessed during an interview with our reporter that indeed the disease is real, while others who knew its danger are expressing fear of this latest development from the World Health organization (WHO) that 20,000 Could Be Infected of Ebola before it can be eradicated.

The WHO said this week that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa could eventually infect more than 20,000 people – more than six times as many as doctors currently know about, and called for a global response to the spread of the virus.

The U.N.’s health agency warned that it needed $490 million to combat Ebola over the next six months as it set out a "roadmap" for tackling the outbreak. The death toll has climbed to 1, 552 and "continues to accelerate,” the agency said.

It came as a doctor in Nigeria's oil industry hub of Port Harcourt became the latest victim. The medic was infected by a man linked to the first case in Africa's most populous country, health ministry spokesman Dan Nwomeh said. Port Harcourt is a hub for expatriate workers in major international oil companies.

The U.S. government and drug maker GlaxoSmithKline will announce Thursday that they are starting the first human trials of a vaccine against the deadly virus.

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