A Tribute To J. Garsuah Yatmeto – By Max Willie

I have come forward to represent all Liberian media people in the U.S., in Europe and at home in Africa; and the behalf of all of us to pay our last respect to a hero of Liberian journalism.

By now, and I’m sure we all know that Yarmeto, J. Garsuah Yarmeto is no more.

As you may well know also, at occasions like this one, most people have the tendency to make suitable statements, for the sake of it, about a dead person. Well, I am tending to side step this tradition in order to present a true story regarding the professional life of the man whose home-going we are celebrating this day.

Garsuah Yarmeto was an accomplished member of the Media in Liberia.

At Eternal Love Winning Africa, better known as ELWA where his broadcasting career started, Garsuah Yarmeto soon became a household name.

At the Liberia Broadcasting System, LBS or ELBC – TV Garsuah pursued and attained the height of his broadcasting career both in radio and television. His presentation skills and style mesmerized listening audiences all over the country and inspired a new generation of continuity announcers, newscasters and sports commentators. Garsuah’s voice of melody on the airwaves profoundly caught the attention of the whole of the nation.

At the Executive Mansion where he served as Presidential Television Announcer, Garsuah raised the appeal of presidential news coverage to include a storage system of news items, features and footages where materials are accessed for write-ups and production of documentaries.

At the Ministry of Information, Garsuah worked as Motion Picture Director and trained the largest number of female television camera operators ever recorded in TV history in Liberia.

Before migrating to the United States in 1992, Garsuah worked for former President Charles Ghankay Taylor as Press Secretary during Liberia’s years at war.

Garsuah Yarmeto was a goal getter, a team leader and player; he was indeed a motivator. His memory will linger on for a long time. The most of us wish that we could share those fond memories with him again at work, at home and at leisure.

But he’s left us. We wish he had not. Then again, as the Bible says, “What man is he that lives and shall not see death? Shall he deliver his own soul from the hands of the grave”?

All of us, your family, friends and colleagues say, go on home, Garsuah; let your sleep be sweet. God, please bless Garsuah’s soul. Amen.

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