Meet the African German based Female Boxer Bintou Yawa Schmill also known as “The Voice” will fight on the ring on 26.September 2014

African ladies are otherwise known for other things than Boxing, except for this one who is changing and making the story looks different.
Ms.Bintou Yawa Schmill, 29 years young, a totally black African   1.71m, Togo born and based in Germany, started her boxing career at a tender age. Something she did as an Amature has become a success story. She wickedly punched competitors, messlessly and won 24 fights ,and 2 draw in the category welterweight -64Kg.
Her fingerprint show her since 2007, to have been a professional boxer with unbeatable record of 4 fights, 4wins in a package including 3 K. O
Her case study is exceptional, she has not only broken the gender rule, she’s representing the African continent in a Boxing ring , punching evil out the brains of her competitors, Bintou is the Lioness that roars and the Lions make a way. Now she´s back on stage, live and ready for a face2face catch, one on one.

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