“Relax Harsh Restrictions,” AFDB President Urges Investors In Liberia

The President of the African Development Bank (AFDB), Dr. Donald Kaberuka, has called on investors and countries to stop imposing restrictive measures against Liberia and other countries affected by the Ebola outbreak.

Dr. Kaberuka said the imposition of “unnecessary restrictive measures” on Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, which are not backed by advice and scientific evidence, will make the Ebola crisis worse and may cause it to last even longer.

The AfDB president made the call Wednesday at a joint press conference with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the foyer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia.

Dr. Kaberuka urged investors and African countries involved in this act to begin to follow measures outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO), as closing borders and airlines will create economic hardship for the affected countries.

He admonished them not to panic and renege on investing in Liberia and the other affected countries because doing so will make tackling the disease difficult, if not impossible, noting, “We do not endorse the bans by some countries.”

Dr. Kaberuka said although the AfDB is working with the Liberian Government to contain the Ebola outbreak, it is also concerned about stabilizing the huge economic gap that has been and will be created as a result of the virus.

“AFDB is working with the Liberian Government to revitalize the economy, to get other vital sectors of the country working again, help with the balance of payment, to get farmers back to the soil and to encourage investors who have left the country to return so that jobs are created,” the AfDB president said.

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