LIBERIA: GVL Intensifies Fight Against Ebola

SINOE COUNTY, Liberia – In the wake of the widely spread Ebola Virus in Liberia, GVL has begun the scanning of her employees on 21st of August before the commencement of work in Kpanyan to ensure all workers are normal in temperature.

Over seven hundred employees at the company’s Kpanyan Estate are now routinely scanned at security checkpoints and all entrance points prior to starting their daily work. The scanning devices used by GVL’s Health and Safety Department automatically calculates the normal temperature of an employee on the forehead with 37.6 Celsius degrees considered to be an above normal reading.

“We have begun the scanning of our employees to ensure everyone has a normal reading. Those without a normal reading will not be allowed entry into the estate.  So far no GVL employee has been turned away and all is normal,” said Regional Controller Manohyaran Pillai.

“The scanning of our employees is a significant step in the fight against Ebola as it provides the required and fundamental statistics of a normal or abnormal human temperature that sets the page to work or seek medical attention at equipped health centers,” Mr. Saye Boe, GVL Kpanyan Safety Officer indicated.

Additionally, the GVL Communications and Community Affairs Departments have been vigorously educating local populations on the dangers of the Ebola virus in several communities surrounding company farm sites, including Butaw, Tartweh, Kabada, Numopoh. Duwolee and River Dugbeh Districts, Tarjuown in Sinoe and Barclayville, Grand Cess, Garraway, Zoloken, Wedabo, Newaken and Trembo in the Grand Kru area.

The community people are currently being educated on what Ebola is, its cycle of transmission, incubation period, preventive measures and most importantly, what to do if they feel they are sick from the illness or think someone else is. Additionally, they are being educated on the dangers of consumption of bush meat and bats, which are believed to be host for the virus.  

“We have placed posters explaining the transmission and other related messages are presently placed in public areas and on our Community Bulletin Boards to give an insight to community members, as well as aggressive messaging with partner radio stations in the counties and in-person briefing conducted by our Community Affairs teams in both Sinoe and Grand Kru,” according to Virgil Magee, GVL Head of Corporate Communications. “Over the next several days, we will also be distributing soap and other supplies to our community partners to help keep our counties safe.”

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