Guinean Envoy Denies Border Closure With Liberia

The Guinean Ambassador to Liberia, Abdoulaye Dore, has said his government does not intend to close its borders with Liberia as both countries tackle the spread of the Ebola disease.

The Guinean diplomat’s statement was made on the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Radio program Coffee Break on Monday.

Ambassador Dore said Guinea’s borders with Liberia will remain open, but said thorough screening of people entering and leaving the country is being carried out by medical workers and doctors at border points.

He said the relationship between both countries in the Ebola fight is cordial as the Government of Guinea has constructed testing and treatment centers in Guekedou and Conakry to test individuals travelling between Guinea and Liberia.

According to Ambassador Dore, the two countries are doing their best to make sure that Ebola is eradicated from the sub-region, saying they are holding regular meetings aimed at containing the disease.

“The need for collaboration between Guinea and Liberia is very important because what affects Liberia also affects Guinea,” envoy Dore pointed out.

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