LIBERIA: Defense Minister Warns Against Demonstrations, Confusion

Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai has warned Liberians against “unnecessary demonstrations and confusion” at a time when the nation was facing an outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease.

He vowed that anyone engaging in unjustified protests and disturbances in the country will “meet the full force of the law”.

He said government will not tolerate indiscipline from any group or individuals who are in the habit of illegally obstructing the normal movement of residents amidst the country’s current struggle to eradicate the Ebola virus.

The Defense Minister issued the warning when he appeared on the Sky FM talk show “Fifty-fifty” on Tuesday.

Defense Minister Samukai noted that the Ebola virus can be contained if citizens fully cooperate with the health and security systems without hesitation.

According to Minister Samukai, government is fighting to contain and eradicate the deadly disease, noting that it is necessary for every Liberian to appreciate and approach the fight with a positive outlook.

He observed that the issue of ‘reckless denials’ is a key problem in Liberian society that must be uprooted so that Liberia can become a land of peaceful co-habitation.

Meanwhile, Minister Samukai has called on Liberians to desist from traveling from one county to another so that the fight against the Ebola virus can be an easy and fruitful one.

He said when Liberians realize that the Ebola virus can be contained by restricting movements within “hot-zones and across red lines,” the Ebola battle will be a success story for every Liberian.

“Do not go into hot-zones, especially areas where people are consistently being infected, stay where you are until government can declare the place safe for you to travel,” Samukai cautioned Liberians.

He stressed that individuals, who are ill and have noticed symptoms of the virus, must report immediately to the nearest health center, rather than move from one community or county to another location, possibly conveying the disease as they commute.

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