George Weah African tour to promote his sportswear label thwarted as Liberian Leader enforced travel ban for 30 days

The first leg of his African tour to widely promote his sportswear label ‘Weah Sports’ which he launched last month in Senegal has been thwarted due to travel ban being imposed by the Liberian leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  in a bid to fight the deadly Ebola Virus which has taken lives of dozens of Liberians.

The Liberian Peace Ambassador, George Weah has been placed amongst government officials of all Ministries, Agencies, Public Corporations, Commissions, and Parastatals that are under the Executive Branch for a period of one month.

The Liberian leader has also instructed all government officials currently out of the country, whether on government or private visit, to return home within a week or be considered as abandoning their jobs.

In a recent interview, Ambassador Weah said, "I'm touring the majority of African countries in order to promote the brand," he told reporters on Thursday evening after meeting with Senegal’s sports ministry officials.

He also said while in Senegal "Mister Georges" as he is affectionately called, is expected to meet with sports agents in various disciplines, a member of his delegation said.

He will also meet athletes such as ‘box wrestling’ champions Mohamed Ndaw nicknamed ‘Mike Tyson’ and Balla Gaye 2.

‘Mike Tyson’ is Senegal’s most renowned ‘box wrestling’ champion who popularised the sport in the 1990s and gave money value to it with many now earning up to $100,000 for a bout.

Analysts say the former soccer star would make windfall profits if he succeeds in signing contracts with wrestling clubs in Senegal where the discipline is even more popular than football.

He is also expected to visit Cote d’Ivoire where he already owns a purified water company and then later to Ghana where he is expected to draw on the popularity of his former soccer mates like Abedi Pele to sign big contracts.

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