Jobs-Liberia.Com Introduces New Method, “Clear Talk” has developed a free method called Clear talk for Liberia that allow 2 parties to communicate with each other for free using email and a smart phone.It’s easy you simply create a voice recording, attach it to an email, then hit send.

Once the receiving party receives your voice recording then they create their own and attach it to an email.  (you might need to download an app that opens audio files depending on your phone , in our testing we used vlc player on a  ZTE android phone before listening to the audio files.).

Based on our testing we realized at least two practical applications for this product. International interviews and Voice grams. This is particularly useful for those who have friends abroad and would like to send personal messages like happy birthday, and so on. (Any suggestions on what other applications that this solution can be used for would be much appreciated).  Job-Liberia would also like to acknowledge Paul H. Bee, founder and CEO at Liberia Information Technology Solution Inc for helping us test this product to better understand how this method would work in Liberia

Current Limitations of this product based on the results of our testing:

For a relatively short message It takes about a minute for it to reach the other party between US and Liberia. It should be noted that the same test between Korea and US only took 6 seconds. We’re hoping as Liberia’s internet capacities improves we’ll be seeing similar results. A voice message can be as long as 10 minutes (longer messages will naturally take longer than a minute to be delivered).   

Other projects and accomplishments:

We invite everyone to enter our weekly drawing by simply “liking” our Facebook page “” to be entered into our  $3 US dollars weekly drawing. All winnings will be set directly to the winner’s cell phone as credits through World Remit.  

We have received an astonishingly positive response from the online Liberian community.  As our page grows further, we hope to rally supporters in order to bring Free Internet through Facebook’s Coalition.  We need as many Liberian supporters as we can get in order to be noticed and get connected.  If you’d like to learn more please check out the news article on and take a look at the projects is currently working on.

We are still working on completing a few other projects that will hopefully bring additional benefits to the Liberia people.  Stay in touch with us by following our Facebook Page.

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