Liberians In U.S. Take On Ebola Campaign, As Many Worry Over The Nightmare In Their Homeland

A Liberian man living in Greensboro is watching as the Ebola virus spreads in his home country.


Spearheaded by LEADER Fund, a group of concerned Liberians in the Diaspora have emerged to offer assistance in the response efforts to Ebola in Liberia. We have established a movement named Diaspora Liberians Ebola Crisis Response Campaign (DLECRC). The sole purpose of DLECRC is to partner with the Government of the Republic of Liberia and other organizations to augment the response to Ebola in Liberia    

 The Liberian Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund (LEADER Fund) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization registered in the state of Maryland, United States of America in August 2008. The mission of the organization is to assist Liberians who are primarily affected by disasters.

 DLECRC has selected key areas of concentration in the fight against Ebola and actively garnering efforts with hopes of participating in the below mentioned areas:

1. Social mobilization: Health communication messaging that addresses denial, fear, and lack of knowledge about Ebola among healthcare workers and in the general population.

2. Sufficiency of Medical supplies and other items such as Personal Protection Equipment, gloves, disinfectants, sanitizers, soap, stethoscopes, beddings etc.

3. Aid to Victims of Ebola who have to be quarantined for 21 days.

4. Addressing the psychological effect of Ebola.

To reach these goals, we have embarked on series of activities  

On July 26 weekend, 2014, we launched our first awareness and fundraising event in Philadelphia PA

To mourn the lives loss and create a massive international awareness on the current situation in Liberia, we declared July 30, 2014 as “EBOLA WEDNESDAY” with the following actions:

1-    Observe a moment of silence for the victims of Ebola at 12:00 Noon EST

2. –    By 12:00 AM Wednesday morning, EVERY Liberian and friends of Liberia on Facebook should change his/her profile and coverpage pictures to the attached Ebola campaign logo

3. Sign the petition at  for the White House to help us "KICK OUT EBOLA!"

4. Donate on our GoFundMe page at; or our website at

We are also reaching out to potential donors for support and a National Diaspora fundraising and awareness program is slated for August 24, 2014 (details will follow soon). Plans are also on the way for the holding of a humanitarian appeal march to the Whitehouse

In view of the above, we write to seek your institution support in helping us promote this campaign.

In the next few days, we will be emailing you some info for publication. In the meantime, we would appreciate you publishing a story on what we are doing as a group to help fight EBOLA in Liberia.

I a related development, a Liberian living in Greensboro, the United States who  is watching on a local TV the wave of the  Ebola virus spreading in his home country has expressed fear, noted that "It was getting worse and people were dying," said Reverend Wheigar Bright. His home country of Liberia is getting worse by the day.

"Hearing from people from back home, I think there are a lot of concerns," said Bright.

Aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, and even his brother are living in the area where Ebola is spreading rapidly. He says they're trying not to eat food prepared by others or even use the local water source.

The situation is so serious; Bright says he's heard hospitals are turning away patients. "If you begin to sense the symptoms and go to some of the hospitals, there is a refusal now."

It's to the point where even health care workers are scared for their lives. "The fear of even doctors and nurses to continue doing their work because some of them are dying also," said Bright.

Bright got a call from his niece last night. He was happy it was just to chat. He admits he's concerned every time someone calls from Liberia, knowing it could be for a reason far worse.

"People are barely trying to make it with the little they have, and then this thing comes on top of that," said Bright. "How many more will not make it? How many more will be affected by this thing?"

Fortunately, none of Bright's friends or relatives has contracted the virus.

His brother-in-law is trying to get his wife and children to the U-S because the situation is so dangerous right now.


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