Liberian Association In France Welcomed Appointment Of Dr. Allen As Ambassador

Amb William Allen and French President Francois Hollande


The officials and entire members of the Parent Liberian Association in France ( d'Entraide pour le Liberia) have expressed their delight over the appointment Ambassador Dr. C. William Allen as new Liberian ambassador to France.

The group said it has no doubt over the ability of Ambassador Allen to effectively represent his country abroad and to justify the confidence repose in him by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  We are also convened that the new ambassador will do everything possible to rebuild Liberia image in France which has been damaged by the former ambassador and that Ambassador Allen will bring proud to the Liberian citizens residing in France.

We want to use this press release to publicly commend Ambassador Allen for the excellent manner in which he presented his letters of Credence to the President of France, Mr. Francois Hollande at a well decorated ceremony held this week Tuesday the Elysee Palace in Paris.

The Liberian group in France said they were very proud as Liberian when they saw Ambassador Allen on the French National Television Station explaining to the French President the good things that are happenings in our beloved country Liberia and all the good things that France has done for our country.

The Liberian Community in France said it was also happy when they to saw President Hollande in a joyful mood while Dr. Allen was presenting his letters of credence. He has projected a positive image of our country.

The Liberian group is calling on the rest of the Liberian Community in France and Switzerland as well as all Liberians in the Diaspora to remain positive engages with the Liberian Embassy France under the dynamics and excellent leadership of Ambassador William Allen.

The Liberian group said it has no regret and are very happy over the removal of the former Ambassador who is appointed to China, McKinley Thomas. We have suffered for nine years under Ambassador Thomas’ wicket and bad leadership; he treated us as if we were animals and not Liberians. We are happy that he is leaving us with his tainted records and a fake degree.

We want to ask question: How can a big man like Ambassador Thomas lied to President Sirleaf that he has degree in Environmental Design Architecture went such degree is just a fake one. We are openly challenging Ambassador Thomas to make publish his fake degree he claimed to receive from the University of Oklahoma in the United States of America.

We want to inform our people in Liberia that through an advanced ITC, we were able to know that Ambassador Thomas hold fake academic credential. He has no feeling for us in France that struggling to improve our life in this foreign land.

During his ten years in France as ambassador, we the entire Liberian community in France has been ill-treated by him. He has no regard for our condition, whenever his fellow Liberian was in trouble; he never comes to our rescue to assist us from the problem. He never used to allow us to enter our embassy freely. He used to always refer to our embassy as “his embassy”.

He used to personalize the embassy as his private and personal farm.  He always used to tell us that he was not appointed for Liberians in France. We are very happy that he is going to China and we want to tell our brothers and sisters in China that monkey never leave back his black hands.

Mr. George Carr  Nyemah, the acting President of the Liberian community in France  while he was working at the embassy as a driver during the administration of Ambassador Christopher Meneekon  he  was wrongfully sacked by Ambassador Thomas immediately after he took over the embassy in 2005. George Carr Nyemah is a good man, he always helping Liberians in France whenever they are in trouble with their documents.

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