Liberia for 10th World Amputee Cup

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Emotions that gripped thousands at the just ended FIFA Brazil World Cup were felt by the world. In Brazil, 200 million people wept as their pride was hurt after the humiliating 7-1 drubbing in the semi-finals by eventual winners, Germany, whose nationals are still celebrating their win against Argentina.

Though Liberia was not among the elites, we are lucky to be among the elites of the Amputee soccer sector.

On August 9, 2014, Liberia, the three-time African Champions, will take on Team USA at Soccerplex in Germantown, Maryland, USA, near Washington DC.

The African champions will test their American counterparts, as both nations prepare to partake in the 10th Amputee World Cup in Culiancan, Mexico from November 30-December 8, 2014.

A dispatch from Mr. Duannah Siryon, international coordinator of Liberia Amputees Federation said, Liberians in the United States are gradually getting excited about the international friendly match. “We hope the Liberian government will embrace this friendly invitation from Team USA,” Duannah said, “there are several arrangements being made to take the team to Liberian communities in the USA to seek support for their camping and trip to Mexico.”

Duannah said Liberia being triple champions of Africa will have a lot to teach their American friends.

“Both teams will be going for the 2014 Amputee World Cup in Mexico,” Duannah said, “and it will be nice to see them both in a friendly encounter.”

In Monrovia, the news of the Mexico World Cup has excited the team, and they have begun what many considered as intensive preparation. “I have no doubt that President Sirleaf is getting excited about her team,” said a longtime follower of the team’s exploits, “with her support Liberia will be there for the friendly match and then be in Mexico.”

The Liberia Amputee team is the country’s pride in international football. Confirmed report indicates that the government of Zliberia, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, has embarked on mobilization campaign to facilitate the nation’s pride to both the friendly match and the world cup in Mexico.

According to Mr. Siryon, Team USA is also making extensive preparation to welcome the triple champ for Africa and have received approval for major local and international media coverage during the game. In addition to the friendly game, Mr. Siryon disclosed that the 22 men Liberia delegation will visit few educational institutions in order to attain leadership training that make the federation more effective.

It has also been confirmed that Mr. Siryon is in close discussions with the Argentina Amputee National Team for the possible staging of another friendly match in Liberian aim at raising awareness and funds as part of its mobilization efforts.

Already, Team Liberia is in arrangement with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Liberia to join the Ebola awareness campaign at various schools and communities in and around the country.

Anyone interested in contacting the Liberia Amputees Federation leadership can do so by calling or emailing Mr. Samuel Eastman (Secretary General) at 0886971759/0777129757 or

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