LIBERIA: Resignation Overwhelms Unity Party Ahead Of 2017 Elections, Senator Momo Becomes The Latest

Gbarpolu County Senator Theodore Momo has expressed his delight in his decision to resign from the ruling Unity Party under whose umbrella he served for years.

“I am proud to leave Unity Party with clean hands where I served with loyalty, honesty, objectivity and openness. But I am sure that these qualities are no longer attractive to the Unity Party.  Better still, these good and purposeful trademarks can market me to other institutions,” former Unity Party member in the current 53rd Senate, Theodore Momo has declared.

Senator Momo’s statement comes days after it was announced that the Unity Party had decided to carry Representative Gertrude Tene Lamin as its Senatorial candidate for the October 14, 2014 Special Senatorial Election, leaving out incumbent Senator Momo.

But in his four-page statement read to the media Wednesday, Senator Momo described the UP primary held in Bopolu, Gbarpolu County as a violation of the party’s own constitution. The party's National Executive Committee elected to embrace the return of Representative Lamin to the party after she had previously tendered her resignation from UP in favor of Liberty Party.

Senator Momo also described the return of Madam Lamin to the party as a gross violation of Chapter 1 Section 1.3 of the National Elections Commission (NEC) guidelines regarding political parties and independent candidates. The NEC guideline states: “No person shall be a member of more than one political party at the same time.”

However, according to the Senator, up to June 28, 2014, Representative Lamin was still a member of both UP and Liberty Party, while at the same time her application to the UP was still on hold. “How is our party conducting its internal self regulation if it can’t uphold and enforce its own decision in reference to the Gertrude Lamin saga?” Momo asked.

The Senator also wondered why the Liberty Party continues to remain silent over their partisan’s double deal.

Senator Momo recalled that Representative Lamin officially resigned on Monday, June 30, 2014 and back dated her letter to June 26, 2014. “This is not politics, but complete dishonesty at its highest; and I still believe Liberty Party and NEC should not allow Gertrude Tene Lamin and the UP to get away with this gross violation.”

He continued: “My pull out or withdrawal from the primary process was on these grounds and not as a sign of weakness or lack of confidence in my ability.  A fair, democratic and transparent process allows the partisans of UP in Gbarpolu County to determine preference of candidate.”

He challenged UP executives to learn from the Bopolu June 28, 2014 episode and repair the inequalities and ills, adding that whatever the party did in Bopolu City and how it was done reflect poorly on the image of the party.

Noting that nothing bad happens to a good man, Senator Momo assured his kinsmen and supporters that he will continue to uphold and cherish the ideas and principles he stood for over the years, such as protecting Liberia's natural resources against exploitation.

Without being specific, Senator Momo said citizens of Gbarpolu do not need a General Auditing Commission (GAC) and Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LAC) indictee whose purse, he stated, has been swelling up with “our development money, while our people suffer the humiliation of poverty and developmental challenges.”

Though he refused to say where next his political boat will anchor, he informed journalists that he is currently holding consultations that are “yielding positive results.”

CREDIT: Daily Observer

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