LIBERIA: GVL Responds to Green Advocate Claims

Concerning the 20 June 2014 press conference organized by Green Advocates, in which GVL employees were accused of threatening their safety during arecent visit to Sinoe County. While it important to seek and provide accurate information, the allegations are not entirely accurate as presented.  The facts are; 1) GVL employees were not involved in the incident, which was discussed during the press conference,2) The delay was not organized by GVL, but by local citizens, 3) GVL offered assistance to Green Advocate personnel. 4) Green Advocates chose to report the incident to visiting members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) instead of to the proper authorities. 5) This incident occurred while Green Advocates were traveling in a convoy with GVL senior management staff, other non-governmental organizations, UNMIL and RSPO.

Golden Veroleum has always chosen to take the high road and not be involved in or sanction any forms of coercion. Our view is logically it would not make sense to ever engage in such activities, which would jeopardize our development investment in the country, and the employment of our workforce. There is a difference between a robust demonstration by local citizens and linking such activities to Golden Veroleum. This incident was reported last week in several local newspapers, including Heritage and In Profile Daily.

We would encourage all stakeholders to commit to the truth and provide accurate information to the public and the media.

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