(A poem Dedicated to the day of the African Child; June 16, 2014) – By: Musa Willie, Founder; Education Care Africa

She wakes up in the morning with frown on the face,Sleepy, hungry, she goes to the creek to take cold shower.  
With no breakfast, she walks to school with empty stomach.

No smile on her face, she puts her head on the desk while the teacher presents his morning lesson.

In the night she is widely awaken, worrying about the lashesfor not selling enough little commodities on the busy streets
Which are her battlegrounds for daily survival.

She only survives day by day from the meager profits From selling candies, cookies, water in little plastic containers.  

She grieves in her heart that she can’t afford decent uniforms And other school materials like some of her friends
Who come to school with everything they need.

She sits in class but her mind is wandering thousand miles away Wishing, praying and hoping for the same opportunity
some of her friends take for granted daily.

It is time to go home but she has no energy to walk,Paralyzed by deadly hunger afflicting her so severely.

She goes home and eats roasted cassava with butter Because her mother wants to cook late so she can save
Some food the next day. African child, I know how you feel because I am one of you.

I once walked in your shoes and I know how it hurts.I hope your corrupt leaders could feel the pain You go through every day of your life just to survive.


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