LIBERIA: China Union Train Kills Man, 31, In Bong Mines

A train belonging to the China Union Iron Mining Company in Bong County, has reportedly killed a 31-year-old man along its track in Bong Mines.

The operator of the train, Jacqueline Kun, told the Liberia News that on Monday, June 2, at about 5:45 PM, while traveling from Benmu Town in Bong Mines, she saw two persons sitting on the train track.

She said she blew the train’s horn several times, while at the same time applying the emergency brakes but could not stop the train because of the curve as well as the proximity of the two persons on the train track.

She said as a result, the train hit one of the two persons, killing him instantly.

The victim was identified as Joseph Mulbah.

She added that the train stopped 75 meters away from the scene of the incident, but that she was compelled to move the train to the usual stopping point in Bong Town because of the large crowd that was rushing on the accident scene.

The train was conveying China Union workers from Benmu Town that afternoon when the accident took place.

Meanwhile, police in Bong Mines is investigating the incident.

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