Chucky Taylor extend apology from Federal prison – Says He Was Rudely Interrupted

Liberia’s convicted former Anti Terrorist Unit (ATU) Commander, “Chucky” Taylor, (AKA) Charles MacArthur Taylor, Jr., says he was rudely interrupted by one of Liberia’s celebrated Journalists, Al Jerome Chede.

When asked by Moderator, Chede, what message he had for the Liberia people who were listening to him live on radio, “Chucky,” sarcastically responded, “Well this is not the reason I called, or I made myself available for this interview.”

Observers who know Chede for his abrasive style of interview were apparently stunned and wondered whether or not “Chucky’s message or apology to the Liberian people really matters at this time, after been convicted and is now serving a ninety-seven (97) year prison sentence.

“Chucky,” Taylor, who dominated and almost took control of the popular Diaspora program, “ISSUES IN THE PRESS, RELOADED, repeatedly ignored attempts by Moderator, Chede to pause so as to take questions.”

The celebrated Journalist himself seemed stunned as “Chucky” put himself in the driver’s seat and spoke endlessly. Apparently reading a prepared text, “Chucky” told Chede, “Well, let me finish up.”

Mr. Chede tried in vain to call “Chucky’s” attention, but he continued to ignore the Moderator as he read his prepared text in which he lambasted the United States Justice Department.

He accused and blamed everybody else including the Judge, prosecutors and all other Executive employees of the Justice Department, but himself. He alleged they conspired against him by seeking and securing what he termed his “Illegal conviction.”

Al Jerome Chede, seemingly had no other alternative than to wait for an opportunity for “Chucky” to pause which he did after Chede assured him, he would be given another platform on the popular radio program.

With the assurance, “Chucky” changed his mind and first extended a clear, direct and unconditional apology to his father, Charles MacArthur Taylor Sr., by saying he had three words for him which were “NOW I UNDERSTAND.”

The convicted former Anti Terrorist Unit (ATU) Commander, then extended an unconditional apology to his mother and his three children, whom he named as Charles, his son, Jordene, his daughter and another son, Darjere who according to him, is currently in Liberia.

“Chucky” said he was apologizing to all his brothers, sisters and comrades, an apparent reference to his Anti Terrorists Unit former combatants, who were under his direct command during his reported reign of terror as commander.

Interestingly and not surprisingly “Chucky” made a conditional apology to the Liberian people when he said, “I’m sorry if I had done anything to offend anyone.”

Continuing he said, “If I, at any point created a perception of things that I did, or that you may have perceived that I have done and things that were said about me of what I might have done, I apologize.”

After his conditional apology to the Liberian people, “Chucky” began lecturing Moderator, Al Jerome Chede about what saying he was sorry meant adding, “To say I’m sorry is a sign of strength.

“To have compassion is a projection of strength. This is a sign of humbleness. This is not a weakness.” He stressed emphatically. Al Jerome Chede, known for his abrasive interview style, was seemingly no match to the crafty “Chucky” Taylor.

At one point he told Jerome Chede, “I was rudely interrupted.” He demanded to be called Charles Taylor Jr., rather than “Chucky” Taylor, a name he is notoriously known by in Liberia. “This is time for me to reclaim my name.” He assured himself.

The Independent Eye News (IEN), will as usual continue to bring you a graphic account and analysis of the interview in our subsequent editions.


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