Jobs-Liberia.Com , Youth Crime Watch To Bring Free Internet Access To Liberia

Facebook’s new Business strategy seeks to partner with Telecommunication Authorities and Companies to offer users with phones that support Facebook users with free access to Facebook Messenger; including subsidized free Internet services. for a short period of time is offering a partnership plan to a select few telecommunication companies in developing countries that are really serious about connecting everyone in their country to services ​and opportunities that internet has to offer. Youth Crime Watch of Liberia, a local non-governmental, youth and community development organization in partnership with, request the attention of Liberia’s

Telecom ​Industry (Telecommunication Authority and Companies), to foster a new vision for Liberia’s ICT Infrastructure, to promote access to communication and entrepreneurship in Liberia. Thousands would be able to take advantage of online job openings that are currently prohibitive due to the relatively high cost of internet in Liberia.

Businesses will also have the opportunity to sell online and make more profits. Online Banking services and Services like PayPal, eBay, etc. would easily be utilized in Liberia. ​Benefits would range from education, reductions in unemployment, improvements in average incomes, create greater tax revenues and produce even more jobs. Please help bring attention to this cause by “liking” this article and posting to your friends. Time is limited! ​The faster we bring attention to this cause the better chance Liberia has of getting access to free internet.

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