A Painful Resignation? – As CDCians Gang Up On Radio Stations For Sen. Doe Sheriff

The news of Senator Doe Sheriff’s resignation from the main opposition party took all the airwaves in the country Monday to everyone’s dismay.

All top notch CDCians except for the Standard Bearer who is reportedly in Ivory Coast, failed to make radio appearance.
Rep.Acarous Gray made two appearances on Sky FM while Jefferson Koijee and another executive appeared on Fabric FM.

The Vice President for Operations Mulbah Morlu appeared on Truth FM why George Solo, the Chairman appeared on State run LBS.
The appearance comes at a time when the party made an official position over the weekend that they accepted her “betrayal to the party that brought her to the political limelight.”

“CDC respects the Senator and her decision and expressed willingness to work with her, “even if she stays in Liberia as a politician or practices politics in a foreign land,” Solo stated.

Recognizing the former Chairman’s value to the party he maintained “Madam Doe-Sheriff added value to the party when she was here and her departure tells the world that nothing is taken away from the party.

“We are grateful to her for the decision and wish her well whether in a new political party or at the Senate and her private life. CDC is bigger than every one of us and a single individual cannot change the direction of the institution.”

“CDC remains focus on political activities in the country particularly those of the upcoming Special Senatorial Election and we can’t ignore that.”

Contrary to what the Chairman of the party said, Rep. Acarous Gray said the following in his Sky FM interview: “Geraldine was never a member of the CDC.”

The former Secretary General of the Congress for Democratic Change now Representative of District #8 in Montserrado County said Madam Doe Sheriff was expelled officially from the party for act of betrayal since 2011.

Rep. Gray however failed to narrate that all expelled executives of his party were reinstated through clemency.

Contributed by Alexander Bealded

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