LIBERIA: Enthusiasm Greets First Gold project

Several Liberians residing in Grand Cape Mount County have expressed their happiness over the discovery of Liberia’s first gold project in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County. Speaking to journalists during President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s visit recently, the jubilant crowd that  nearly surrounded the president’s entourage, spoke randomly.

The youth Chairman in Kinjor, Basiru Sambolla said, they were anxious to see the first gold project in Liberia to start.
“We here in kinjor can not wait to see the first gold project start. We are all anxious to see this. I here, have not seen such operation. It will be good to see and for my people to see.  More to that, it will bring immense economic benefit to us.”

For  Mariama Kiazulu, a resident of the town said, “all us here in this town are anxious. We want to see the first  gold project. We have seen this  in other countries. This is our time to see such work to take place here.  Sometime, I can be dreaming  when I sleep.”

Alexander   Mulbah, a  youth at a place known as face book said, “ I am unemployed, but I am hopeful that one day  I will get job with Aureus. That is my dream. I want to be part of the process where the first gold will be pulled out of the ground.  To be honest with you, we are all happy to see this project set.”

Aureus Mining Incorporated a company listed on the London stock exchange was established in April of 2011 following the butterfly split of African Aura Mining into separate gold and iron ore entities. The company is currently constructing the first commercial gold mine in Liberia, the New Liberty Gold Project and discovering and developing new mines.

As part of the president’s  concession tour,  president Ellen  Johnson Sirleaf expressed her  happiness over   Aureus operations.  Before she started the tour,  the  President and Chief Executive Officer of the Aureus Mining Company, Mr. David Reading, outlined the company’s achievements since 2011.

He said,  the company  has raised US$40m for conversion drilling, Definitive Feasibility Study and exploration in the same year.
He further added, “the Company completed feasibility study and was granted environmental permit by the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia in 2012. He added that the company also raised US$80m from equity financing”

The company is constructing  a new home where residents in Kinjor and  Larjor will be resettled. Some of them have started relocating  to the place.

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