LIBERIA: NPA Boss, Matilda W. Parker Crowned …..For Service To Humanity

The transformation at the National Port Authority (NPA), under the leadership of Madam Matilda Wokie Parker and her team is tethering across every echelon of the Liberian society including the religious community.

Certainly so, the Divine Encounter Praise Chapel International (DEPCI) recently took the Managing Director of the NPA by surprise when the church crowned her for “service to humanity.”

Making the presentation of the honor at the Church’s edifice, the head of the Ministry, Pastor Luke Darlos said, the crown was in recognition of Madam Parker’s “selfless leadership charisma and meekness.”

According to Pastor Darlos, the name: “Matilda Parker, transcends the bailiwick of the NPA and communities within the proximities of the four ports across Liberia.”

Pastor Darlos also stated that the honor was the church’s own way of giving Madam Parker her flowers while she is still alive.

“Every person that crossed your path has had an inkling of your unique qualities: motivational, generous, inspiring and always wanting to have a positive impact on the lives of those you meet along the way in spite of their social, economic and political backgrounds. These are attributes that are rarely seen among Liberian officials especially as a female. And so, on behalf of the church, we want to Thank God for what He continues to do through you for the ordinary people,” the DECPI head Pastor said.

In a rather succinct acceptance remarks, the NPA boss said, she was very humbled by the recognition and promised to do her best in order to maintain the honor bestowed on her.

She said the honor was coincidentally presented on Mother’s Day which, according to her, made it very special though it was not the usual ‘Mother of the Year’ honor.

“As I receive this recognition today, I want to encourage every one of us to keep our hope for a better tomorrow alive no matter what the situation is now. Every person, regardless of his/her status in life has a story. I have my story; you have your story. The bottom-line is to have the hope that things will change for the better,” the NPA boss said exultingly.

The Port Authority boss also told a brief story about how important is it to “appreciate people who, in their little ways, have been a help to you.”

“There are two key words that many people overlook: “Please”, and “Thank You”. They may sound small but they mean a lot. Take for example, the story of the ten lepers in the Holy Bible. Jesus healed all of them but only one came to say thank you,” the NPA boss told the congregation.    

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