LIBERIA: Lofa Citizens Laud Judicial Branch For Vindicating Defense Minister Samukai

BONGUAMA UNITED ASSOCIATION (BUA), an Association of Foya Citizens residing in and around Monrovia, has welcomed the recent court ruling by the Civil Law Court , declaring Minister Brownie J. Samukai Jr.,” innocent and Free Man” on the just ended FLY elections held in Kakata City in which some dissatisfied Youth group Filed in a writ of injunction against Fly leadership  with the above mentioned Court that was maliciously, grossly and falsely exaggerated by the  CDC youth wing chair-person Jefferson Koijee against Defense Minister Brownie Samukai, Jr.,as being the master-minder. According to the CDC youth wing chair-person testimony that, the writ was issued in the presence of Hon. Samukai and the Minister openly chose to ignore the writ by serving as keynote speaker. He also called on the President of Liberia to reprimand Minister Samukai for knowingly and   flagrantly disrespecting the Court orders during FLY Program.

Additionally, the Association wishes to extend thanks and appreciations to the Judicial Branch for vindicating Minister Samukai, describing him as “Innocent, Law Abiding and did not disrespect the court orders”. The Association thanked the Civil Law Court for being neuter, fair and mature in adjudicating cases of this nature that places an individual character in question.

 The Association wonders why these thoughtless utterances are continuously being made  by the CDC Party Executives against hilly admired Citizens of Lofa County, who have worked for more than 30 years of squeaky clean characters and have chosen once again to work along with Her Excellency, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf presidency for the betterment of  Mama-Liberia to be erroneously  accused by  CDC Party hierarchy without any remorse of moral ethics .

The Association admonishes, CDC Party Executives to emulate Hon. Samukai law abiding character as been declared by the Civil Law Court ruling on Thursday, May 15, 2014. The Association also want CDC Party Executives to adopt good civil postures and desist from using its Partisans as a shield and stop barricading themselves in their Headquarter whenever they are needed by Courts  and  National Police to make themselves available, like  in the cases of Jeffession Koijee, Hon. Gray and Morluba Morlu whose have repeated Proven history of using Cdcinans as means of defense against the court orders, police and national Security invitations.

The Association further views the above party officials attitudes as cheap propaganda with the sole intend to make others unpopular by completely ostracizing their political characters for the upcoming elections, the behavior we as an Organization strongly oppose.

Finally, the Association wishes to state unequivocally clear that as the national elections draw closer, the Organization will not allow any person or group of persons to grubby or wreck any character of our admirer’s citizens of Lofa County for political gain. As an Association, we remained supportive of all Lofa Citizens.

By:  Anthony D. Lander  General Secretary Of BUA                  

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