Sierra Leone News: 60 Liberian teachers Certified

The 60 teachers Liberian displaying their certificates together with their principalsSixty Liberian teachers in the Moyamba District and Western Area have been certified under the girl power project (GPP) that is being sponsored by PLAN International. The certification ceremony took place at the British council Auditorium.

In giving an overview of the GPP, Martin Moiwoh from PLAN` started by saying that GPP is an initiative of six partners and is a consortium to promote girls and women’s empowerment therefore the GPP was developed from the initiative of this group in the Netherlands.

The GPP is currently implemented in 10 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The project focuses mainly on the participation and promotion of girls.

In his statement while representing the country director of PLAN, the programme support manager of PLAN Sierra Leone, Miriam Murray, said that PLAN is an International child centered Organization that operates in 68 countries around the world and brings support to millions of children their families and communities mainly in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

PLAN implements projects in child protection, health education, water and sanitation, livelihood and income generation in cross cultural communities.

She maintained that in 2011 PLAN Sierra Leone received funds from PLAN Netherlands for the implementation of the girl-power project aimed at promoting equal rights and opportunities for girls and young women. Over the last two years, the project completed the construction of five junior secondary schools in Moyamba District.

On this note, she called on all stakeholders to join PLAN to promote equal rights and opportunities for girls to access quality education in Sierra Leone.

It is their fervent hope that the management of the schools from which these teachers are drawn and trained in Library Management will improve the management/administration of the school libraries.

In her keynote address, the Assistant Director of JSS/SSS in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Salimatu Koroma, said that one of the key responsibility of any responsible government is the provision of education to its children. This is done through established educational institutions. Basic education in Sierra Leone is legally required for all children for six years at primary level and three years in junior secondary school level. She said that the ministry is very appreciative of the strides PLAN is making to complement its work. The girl power-project like almost all other educational programs of PLAN has complemented government’s effort in promoting quality education for all.

Government cannot do all sincere and dedicated partners like PLAN are needed for education to move forward and promote the quality we are all craving for.

The program was climaxed by the certification of the 60 teachers, after successfully completing the course.

By Nancy Koroma

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