Liberia Government Rebuffs Saudis To Islamize Liberia Story


The Liberian Government says it has seen and analyzed the article entitled, “The Syrian War, Saudi Arabia’s Struggle for Global Influence, and Control of Africa,” written by one Anahita Ghorbani and published on the online website –

The article makes certain references to Liberia’s relations with some countries in the Middle East, the perceived religious divide in the country, and casts aspersions on the First Family with absolutely no respect for truth and objectivity.

An Executive Mansion release said it is an article written to provoke and incite with the intention of wiping up religious hatred and division at a time when our country is undergoing reconstruction and searching for reconciliation with full democratic participation of all our people.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the intention of the author is plain: to drive a wedge between our people based on religious intolerance and ethnic hatred.

It noted that the article was written with bias and utter contempt for the intelligence of the Liberian people who have survived wars, bitterness and countless tragedies in their history and are now trying to rebuild their lives and reconstruct their country for the benefit of all their children.

“This Republic is noted for religious tolerance and ethnic cooperation in nation building. The Constitution of our Republic protects all and sundry irrespective of creed or ethnicity.

“The democratic space which is evolving has its foundation in our Constitution which protects and promotes life, liberty and human development,” the release indicated.

It described the story as “an article written with malice and meant to undermine the unity and progress of our people is unworthy of the noble ethics of Journalism,” noting that “it approaches the Liberian reality with shortsightedness and falsehood. It is a pitiful attempt to distort and thus deserves our condemnation and rejection.”

The release said “one has the right to write and speak responsibly with the intention of enlightening minds but not the right to distort, besmear and propagate falsehood with the obvious intention of promoting strife among the people.”

“The Government of Liberia takes very seriously its responsibility toward the safety and protection of its people. It understands the mandate given it by the people of Liberia to build a country of equal justice, religious tolerance and the democratic participation of all. It is in this light that it condemns unreservedly all attempts to divide our people and put us on the path of ethnic cleansing and religious bigotry,” the release said.

It noted: “The publication as established is filled with lies, deception and falsehood. The writers exert that President Sirleaf was once a Muslim by marriage and that her late husband was also a Muslim.”

“While the right to a choice of religion is personal and guaranteed under Liberian laws and that the President would have committed no crime if she or her late husband were Muslims, the assertion is simply false and misleading.

“The truth is that the President’s late husband was a devout United Methodist, a factor that moved President Sirleaf over from the Presbyterian Church to becoming Methodist,” the release stated..

The writer also referenced ULIMO-J, a warring faction during the Liberian crisis, as Muslim dominated faction.

“This falsehood can best be judged by Liberians since they are fully aware of the composition of ULIMO-J then,” the release pointed out.

“As the backdrop of all these misleading information, the Government wonders as to how anyone could give credence to such mischief,” the release concluded.

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