LIBERIA: Pres. Sirleaf Not Against Grand Gedeans, Says 11th Witness

The 11th Prosecution witness in the on-going ‘mercenary’ trial, Mr. Thomas Gladior, has said that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is not against the people of Grand Gedeh County.

He warned against people politicizing the trial of the 18 alleged mercenaries, assuring that it has no political connotation.

The men, all of the Khran tribe, are charged with crossing the Liberia border to fight in neighboring Ivory Coast, leading to the deaths of several persons, including seven United Nations soldiers between 2010 and 2011.

The have repeatedly denied the charges.

Testifying Tuesday at the Criminal Court” D” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, Mr. Gladior added that he was sounding the warning because certain people are politicizing the case in the media, saying that the Krahn people are being targeted.

The witness also said that the government of President Sirleaf is fair to the extent that Krahn people are today serving as ministers, county attorneys, judges and other government officials.

He said other Krahns are on scholarships offered by the Government of President Sirleaf, emphasizing that this demonstrates that the president is not against the Krahn people.

In his testimony, he also identified ‘General’ Neezee Barway, Bobby Sharpe, Ofori Diah, Emmanuel Saymah, James Gloto alias Rambo, Prince Youtay, Lee Cooper Moses Baryee and others as being among ‘mercenaries’ that ventured into the Ivory Coast to fight, saying that those whose names he did not call might have slipped from his mind.

Meanwhile, Judge Emery Paye has enjoined the case to April 30, 2014.

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