LIBERIA: China Union Commits To Mineral Development Agreement

The Management of China Union Liberia Investment has assured that it will remain committed to providing jobs for qualified Liberians, who meet the requirements of the company for employment.

In an interview with the Liberia News Agency Monday in Bong Mines, the Deputy General Services Manager of China Union, Cloud Gao, said the mining firm will abide by the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) signed with the Liberian Government, as well as the Labor Laws of the country.

Gao said already as part of its obligation under the MDA, the company has paid full benefits to occupants of the former Bong Mining Company (BMC) buildings through the Ministry of Finance, with the advice and consent of the Ministry of Justice.

He, however, stopped short of disclosing the total amount on grounds that it was the responsibility of the Liberian Government to inform its citizens.

The China Union Manager said he was quite surprised to hear the former BMC occupants complain about not receiving enough money for their resettlement, when each family head got US$500 from the government through the Ministries of Lands, Mines and Energy, Finance and Justice in January of this year.
The China Union Management’s clarification comes in the wake of a recent research report done by the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) accusing the China Union of not living up to the terms and conditions of the MDA.

In the report, the SDI further accused the China Union of failing to employ Liberians at the managerial level, provide drugs and other essential medical supplies at the company’s hospital and that there was growing distrust between Fuamah District residents and China Union.

But China Union said it was living up to its side of the agreement by providing job opportunities for Liberians, noting that the company was looking at a bigger picture where one day Liberians will take over from Chinese expatriates.

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