LIBERIA: GVL Works With Union to Identify Future Partnership Needs

GOVAWUL members and Golden Veroleum management met today, 24 April, to discuss a way forward on key issues concerning future development and worker desires, in Butaw.
During the discussions GVL management committed to working with the union to address current and future request.
GVL has made it a matter of policy to engage with the union and work with the Ministry of Labor to ensure a productive and fruitful relationship with its employees while bringing development to the area.
Over the course of the past several years, GVL has employed 2,400 Liberians from the rural southeast, which was mentioned during the discussions today. Additionally, the company committed to meeting or exceeding minimum wage standards in the country.
While the discussions between union and GVL officials were taking place, in Monrovia the company’s spokesperson, Virgil Magee held a media brief to inform Liberian-based journalist of the status of company activities, future plans, including the latest status on the company’s Tarjuowon mill site.
During the brief Magee was joined by Rev. D, LasannahSeequeh of Kulu United Development Association, and Patrick Saydee of the Tarjuowon National Congress, who emphasized the need for development in Tarjuowon and Sinoe County.
Rev. Seequeh explained to the group that GVL had been invited to the area by the people in the county and that the people on the ground had decided upon the terms for development.
At the close of the media brief a copy of the GVL Concession Agreement, Free Prior and Informed Consent Guide and Things to know guide were provided to the journalist. Mr. Magee also indicated that GVL was willing to continue working with the people of Tarjuowon into the future, as well as with the union for continued development and growth together.

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