LIBERIA: House Finally Passes Decent Work Bill

The House of Representatives has finally passed the ‘Decent Work Bill’ of 2010 at the 23rd sitting of its 3rd Session.

Plenary reached the decision to pass the bill Tuesday following the submission of a report by the Joint Committee on Labor and Judiciary.

In the report, the committee urged plenary to see reason to pass the bill, considering the demand for wage increment in post-war Liberia occasioned by hardship and unbearable living conditions.

Members of the committee appealed to their colleagues to accept and endorse the smooth passage of the ‘Decent Work Bill’ with US$0.50 per hour; US$4.00 per day and US$104.00 per month for domestic and unskilled workers.

The Joint Committee on Labor and Judiciary also appealed to Plenary to see reason to accept and approbate US$0.75 per hour, US$6.00 per day and US$156.00 per month for professional workers in the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.

They stressed the need for the lawmakers to unanimously pass the “Decent Work Bill of 2010” into law as the state’s response to international labor organizations conventions and standards.

The Committee members in the report further recommended that a National Minimum Wage Board, which will immediately be effective after the passage of the Bill into law, does the final analysis of wages according to different economic sectors and occupations in three months, from April to June, 2014.

The Joint Committee also recommended that the National Minimum Wage Board be mandated to review wages after every two years.

Of the over 30 Lawmakers who were in Session on Tuesday, 28 voted in favor of the passage of the bill, while 2 voted against it.

Immediately after the results of the voting process were announced, Montserrado County Representative, Edwin Melvin Snow, who is one of those who voted against the passage of the Bill, filed a motion for reconsideration.

Presiding Officer, House Speaker J. Alexander Tyler sustained the Motion for reconsideration, and said that Plenary will further deliberate on the issue after its Easter Break.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives on Tuesday adjourned for the Easter Break to resume normal Legislative functions in the first week of May, 2014.

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